The 1985 Yangtze River Cruise Conference

The 30th Anniversary Commemoration of “Yangtze Cruise Conference”


Sponsors: China Society of Economic Reform (CSER), International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission (ICC-NDRC), and World Bank

Co-sponsors: The Beijing Reform and Innovation Forum for Young and Middle-Aged Intellectuals

Supported by People’s Net

Participants: approximately 30 persons

Languages: simultaneous interpreting in Chinese and English

Conference Date: June 28, 2015

13:00–15:00 Registration (Chongqing Auditorium)

15:00–17:00 The 30th Anniversary Commemoration of Yangtze Cruise Conference

            Host: Cao Wenlian, Director General of International Cooperation Center of NDRC, and Vice-President of China Society of Economic Reform (CSER)

Welcome Remarks (by the following order)

            Peng Sen, President of China Society of Economic Reform, Vice Chairman of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress

            Wang Xiaotao, Vice Chairman (Vice-Minister Level) of NDRC

            Bert Hofman, World Bank’s Country Director for China, Mongolia, and Korea in the East Asia and Pacific Region

Order of Speeches:

            Xiang Huaicheng, Former Minister of Ministry of Finance

            Hong Hu, Former Deputy Minister of National Committee for Economic System Reform; Former Governor of Jilin Province

            Li Kemu: Former Vice Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission

            Zheng Xinli, Vice President of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Former Deputy Director of Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee 

             Song Xiaowu: Advisor for China Society of Economic Reform; Former deputy director of the Revitalizing Northeast China Office of the State Council

            Liu Shijin, Deputy Director (Vice-Minister Level) of State Council Development Research Center

            Gerhard Pohl: Former Economist of the World Bank

            Zhang Lina, Director-General Level Inspector of Office of Key Project Inspectors of NDRC

            Wang Haijun: Chairman of Cairncross Economic Research Foundation (Beijing)

            Li Zhenning: President of Shanghai Rising Fund Pty Ltd

            Other Chinese and Foreign Guests

17:00–17:40 Principal leaders of the Chongqing government meet VIP guests

18:00-19:00 Welcome Dinner (Chongqing Auditorium)

            Address: Huang Qifan (to be invited), Governor of Chongqing