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Increase Efficient Supply of Public Services and Enhance Domestic Market: Director General Huang Meets with President Fu Yansheng of Emotte


For the sake of implementing the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the Xi Jinping New Era and the important spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the work arrangement of the Central Economic Working Conference so as to increase the efficient supply of public services, enhance domestic market and meet the demand of the people for social well-being and the Action Plan on Promoting the Improvement of the Quality of Public Services in Social Fields and Facilitate the Formation of Strong Domestic Market, Secretary of the ICC Party General Branch and Director General Huang Yong met with President Fu Yansheng of Emotte and held in-depth discussions on the promotion of innovative development as well as the quality and level of public services. Deputy Director General Song Gongmei and relevant personnel from different departments of ICC were also present.

President Fu briefed the participants on the innovative development of the company on serving to the standard of the service industry, the service system, mode and etc. in the future, the company will continue to work for the enhancement of the household management service industry, continuously innovate on service contents, update the service standard and contribute to the capacity expansion and the quality improvement of the industry.

Huang said, guided by the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the Xi Jinping New Era and the leadership of NDRC, ICC has worked in line with the requirement to the public services of social fields, made exploration into the research of the healthcare industry and the establishment of public service credit system in social field and contributed to the increase of the quality of regional public services. The Director General also gave 4 suggestions on future cooperation: (1). Work in line with the spirit of the central government and set up industrial standard; (2). Enhance the theoretic research into the industry and develop innovative exploration; (3). Draw in advanced experience and focus on specific areas; (4). Make joint efforts to accelerate the implementation of action plans.

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