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Tell the Chinese Story to the World through the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos


Vice President Wang Qishan of China led a delegation to the 49th World Economic Forum held on 22 of January, 2019 and spoke at the forum. In line with President Xi Jinping’s appeal at the meeting two years ago, the speech enhanced confidence for the development of globalization and injected new driving force for world economic development.


In an effort to actively implement the Belt and Road initiative and share the Chinese story and the development opportunities with the larger world, on 24 of January, Tingshua University, ICC, UNIDO and UNITAR jointly held the 3rd Belt and Road Davos Forum in Davos. More than 100 delegates including President of Tingshua University Qiu Yong, Director General of ICC Huang Yong, Chief Executive of Hongkong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam and a host of leaders from different government departments and international organizations attended the forum.


The Belt and Road Davos Forum was first held during the World Economic Forum by Tingshua University and ICC and was since convened annually. Since the inception, it has been held successfully for 2 consecutive years and drawn the attention from relevant government departments, international organizations and business associations. It has become an important platform for the sharing of the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road and China’s development stories. The meeting, revolved around “Globalization 4.0: the Establishment of the Global Framework in the 4th Industrialization Revolution”, the theme of the 2019 World Economic Forum, focused on the key and effective approaches to promote the development of Belt and Road and the sharing of ways to achieve positive outcomes of the Belt and Road construction. The meeting centered on the following 3 themes:


I.                   Jointly Construct the Belt and Road and Enjoy the Outcomes of Economic Globalization

Economic globalization is the requirement of the further development of the productive force as well as the direction for the progress of the world economy. Against the backdrop of slow economic recovery and sluggish growth in demand, the import and export of China to countries along the Belt and Road has kept increasing with the rapid development of 6 economic corridors; the Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road have also provided great driving force for the recovery and global sustainable development and the cooperation has benefitted the countries involved. The delegates had in-depth discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced by global governance and shared views on effective approaches to promoting the match of the national strategies of different countries with the Belt and Road initiative and the enhancement of more extensive cooperation.

II.                Enjoy the Development Opportunities Brought by the Belt and Road and Build up Pragmatic Platforms for Cooperation

Since the Belt and Road initiative was put forward 5 years ago, greater development opportunities have emerged in terms of promoting policy communication, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, people-to-people connection, the flow of goods, people, capital and information and the optimized distribution of resources. The meeting has served as a platform for deeper discussions on the mutual-beneficial opportunities brought by Belt and Road as well as new approaches and new outcomes so as to provide intelligent support and guarantee to the pragmatic cooperation among different countries.

III.             Promote Regional Coordinated Development and High-level Opening-up under the Belt and Road Framework

Regional coordinated development and high-level opening-up are the important tool and successful experience of the past to promote the cooperation between China and ASEAN countries to enter into a new era and the development of Third-Party cooperation between China and developed countries including Europe, the US and Japan. It was of great significance in promoting the implementing the concept of a community with shared future for mankind and the Belt and Road initiative. The delegates discussed about the great potentials in global regional cooperation and business opportunities and the new mechanisms, modes and approaches to promoting regional economic cooperation and shared cooperation cases and experience with each other to demonstrate the sound as well as mutual-beneficial regional development pattern under the Belt and Road Framework. 

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