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Enhance Policy Communication and Financial Support and Increase the Quality and Efficiency of the Lancang-Mekong Production Capacity Cooperation---Serial Langcang- Mekong Production Capacity and Investment Cooperation Promotion Events II


For the sake of implementing the important initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping on the establishment of the Asian community of a shared future and promoting the deepening of the Lancang-Mekong production capacity cooperation, on 3-6 of December the Serial Langcang- Mekong Production Capacity and Investment Cooperation Promotion Events started in Beijing. They lasted for 4 days and included 5 thematic activities such as policy communication, financial services, project matchmaking, etc. and the aim of the events was to provide an important platform for government departments and companies of 6 countries to get familiar with the investment environment, directions and projects. More than 200 representatives from relevant government departments, industrial parks, companies and financial institutions participated in the inaugurating ceremony.


The meeting

In the afternoon of 3 of December, the Seminar on Enhancing Policy Communication and Financial Support was held in Beijing. Associate Researcher Lv Yongzhong of ICC chaired the seminar. Assistant to Director and Division Chief of Planning and Production Capacity Cooperation Guo Jianmin, Chen Bichao of the NDRC Lancang-Mekong Production Capacity Cooperation working group, Division Chief Yu Yan of the Asia-Pacific Region of CDB and other delegates delivered thematic speeches on promoting the deepening of the Lancang-Mekong production capacity cooperation and increasing the quality and efficiency of the cooperation.

Session I Promoting the Deepening of the Lancang-Mekong Production Capacity Cooperation


Guo gave a speech centering on the issue of effective approaches to developing production capacity cooperation with countries in the Lancang-Mekong region. He said, this area is one of the regions in the world with the fastest economic growth and brightest development prospect. The potential to conduct such cooperation is rather huge and during the past few years achievements had been made thanks to the joint efforts of the 6 countries. He also shared his views and suggestions on the exploration of effective approaches and modes for cooperation in the future based on the practical situation of the countries involved. Chen elaborated the thoughts on the current working mechanism and relevant work in the future. He proposed to make plans for the cooperation in respective industries and areas and indentify key objectives and projects. Chen also suggested setting up Lancang-Mekong production capacity cooperation alliance and conduct cooperation on multiple industrial parks with multiple countries. He called for the establishment of the joint investment fund, greater financial support and the implementation of key cooperation projects.

Session II Financial Services Help Increase the Quality and Efficiency of the Cooperation

Yu Yan delivered a thematic speech on the financial services targeted at the cooperation and the latest international cooperation of the CDB with different countries. He shared his views on developing innovative services in four areas including cooperation mode, financial mode, financial products and the RMB business.

At the Q&A session, the speakers took questions regarding priority cooperation projects, joint production capacity cooperation fund and financial policies for private companies to “go global” and etc.


The Lancang-Mekong cooperation is a new type of cooperation mechanism jointly promoted by Premier Li Keqiang and leaders of the 5 countries in the region and a key part of the China-ASEAN cooperation. The joint working team cooperation mechanism was set up in 2016 and ICC has since served as the executive agency on the Chinese side under the guidance of the Division of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment of NDRC. 
The meeting

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