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Practically and Efficiently Promote Production Capacity Cooperation and Contribute to the Establishment of the Langcang- Mekong Community of a Shared Future: Serial Langcang- Mekong Production Capacity and Investment Cooperation Promotion Events Succ


For the sake of implementing the important initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping on the establishment of the Asian community of a shared future and promoting the deepening of the Lancang-Mekong production capacity cooperation, on 3 of December the Serial Langcang- Mekong Production Capacity and Investment Cooperation Promotion Events guided by the Division of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment of National Development and Reform Commission and organized by the International Cooperation Center started in Beijing. The events were of great significance in promoting the production capacity and investment cooperation of the countries along Lancang-Mekong River. They lasted for 4 days and included 5 thematic activities such as policy communication, financial services, project matchmaking, etc. and the aim of the events is to provide an important platform for government departments and companies of 6 countries to get familiar with the investment environment, directions and projects. More than 200 representatives from relevant government departments, industrial parks, companies and financial institutions participated in the inaugurating ceremony.


The Meeting

At the opening ceremony, Vice Director General Zheng Chiping of the Division of Foreign Capital and Ooverseas Investment, Director General Huang Yong of ICC, First Secretary of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Secretariat Zhou Yunliang and relevant personnel from departments of 6 countries delivered speeches on the matchmaking of the policy as well as development plans of 6 countries and shared views on the establishment of the Lancang-Mekong Investment Fund, project promotion and etc.


Deputy Director General of Zheng Chiping of the Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment of the National Development and Reform Commission

I.                   New Regional Cooperation Mode for the Lancang-Mekong Mechanism

The cooperation calls for a new type of model featured with “high efficiency and practicality, project-first and people-centered”. The Lancang-Mekong speed has been very striking and set up a model for regional cooperation.

Zheng Chiping said, the Lancang-Mekong Production Capacity and Investment Cooperation promotion events was an important measure to implement the Three-Year Plan reached by 6 countries and served as a platform for information sharing and project matchmaking. They would be conducive to the making of tangible results from the cooperation.


Director General Huang Yong of ICC delivered the speech

Huang Yong pointed out, the cooperation has become a model for sub-regional cooperation and served as a key platform for developing the Belt and Road cooperation. The Lancang-Mekong cooperation, with its amazing speed and remarkable progress, has brought about concrete benefits to the people of 6 countries.

II.                The Establishment of a Cooperation Network that Benefits All

It was stressed by Zhou Yunliang that China has always actively promoted the practical cooperation among countries in this regional ands set up a multi-level and extensive cooperation frameworks that include leadership meetings, ministerial meetings, and working team meetings. Political, security and economic and sustainable development would remain as 3 pillars and priority would be given to interconnectivity, production capacity, cross-border economy, water resources, agriculture and poverty-reduction cooperation.

III.             The New Diversified Platforms for the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation

At the inaugurating ceremony, the MOU on the Joint Establishment of Ningbo-ASEAN Large Commodity Trade Center, the MOU on the Development of Financial Services in the China-Cambodia Comprehensive Investment Pilot Zone and the Framework Agreement on Cooperation between Lanzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Economic and Trade Commission of SMEs of ASEAN were signed.

The Lancang-Mekong cooperation is a new type of cooperation mechanism jointly promoted by Premier Li Keqiang and leaders of 5 countries in the region and a key part of the China-ASEAN cooperation. The joint working team cooperation mechanism was set up in 2016 and ICC has since served as the executive agency on the Chinese side under the guidance of the Division of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment of NDRC. 

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