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Enhance Law Guarantee and Belt and Road Construction - The ICC Holds Talks with Baker Mckenzie on Facilitating Outbound Investments of Chinese Companies


On 25 of May, Chairman of Baker Mckenzie paid a visit to the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission. Director General of the Center Huang Yong held in-depth discussions with the Chairman on enhancing law guarantees for the Belt and Road constructions and how Baker Mckenzie can provide legal services to Chinese companies.


The Chairman said that the law firm has set up 78 offices overseas and amongst them 17 are located in the Asia Pacific region. It is familiar with the global and especially the Chinese legal service market and has great advantages in providing legal services to Chinese companies. In recent years, Baker Mckenzie has been actively serving to relevant work regarding the Belt and Road construction. In the future, Baker Mckenzie hopes that it can have more opportunities to provide legal services to the Chinese companies that are going global.

The Director General sent his deepest appreciations to Baker Mckenzie’s efforts in proactively supporting the Belt and Road initiative and the services it has provided since then. Huang pointed out that the Belt and Road construction involves a host of commercial activities including cross-border trade, investment, infrastructure construction, financial trading and etc. and various participants. In the process, risks and disputes are inevitable. Baker Mckenzie, as a world-renowned legal firm, boasting a global view and extensive business scopes, can provide guidance to the international cooperation of Chinese companies and play a helping role in enhancing the legal foundation of the Belt and Road construction.

Huang emphasized that the ICC is equipped with such advantages as providing services to the matching of national strategies to planning, key mechanisms, service platforms, projects and etc. In the future, ICC would like to develop cooperation with Baker Mckenzie on the country-to-country cooperation along the Belt and Road, the establishment of legal data base, the improvement of the business environment and the provision of practical services and guidance to Chinese companies so as to continuously enrich the contents of the Belt and Road construction and benefit the people of all countries.

Relevant personnel from the center were also present. 

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