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Department of International Cooperation of NDRC Visits ICC-NDRC


On the morning of April 4, Zhu Wanjin, an inspector of the Department of International Cooperation of NDRC visited ICC-NDRC. Huang Yong, director general of ICC-NDRC, presided over the meeting.


Comrade Zhu Wanjin pointed out that ICC-NDRC has been closely centering on the work of NDRC and has actively carried out in-depth international cooperation projects. He introduced the recent work of Department of International Cooperation in foreign affairs system construction, foreign affairs management, and international cooperation, and expressed that he would further support for the work of ICC-NDRC. He hopes that ICC-NDRC will continue to provide support for NDRC and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Department of International Cooperation of NDRC in daily foreign affairs management and business cooperation.


Comrade Zhu Wanjin put forward that ICC-NDRC should further strengthen the management of foreign affairs, especially for regulating large-scale foreign-related activities, improving the implementation rate of group visits of public officials, improving the timeliness of approval for foreign affairs activities, standardizing overseas training activities, and promptly submitting reports of visiting delegations and regulating the management of passport and so forth.


Comrade Huang Yong pledged that ICC-NDRC will strictly abide by the discipline and requirements of NDRC and strengthen the management of foreign affairs in the following three aspects. The first is to ensure political security, and adhere to the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of CPC in the new era of Xi Jinping, and effectively implement the relevant regulations of NDRC in foreign affairs. The second is to strictly abide by the discipline of foreign affairs, strengthen anticipation and planning management, and report promptly to the leaders of NDRC involving sensitive countries, events, and figures. The third is to enhance the leadership capability, and to assist the Department of International Cooperation of NDRC in the service to the leadership of NDRC, conduct international negotiations, assist in the promotion of international cooperation projects and research topics.

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