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ICC-NDRC Holds Cadre Meeting to Announce the Decision of NDRC Party Committee on Change of ICC’s Leadership

On the afternoon of February 24, 2018, ICC-NDRC held cadre meeting to announce decision of NDRC Party committee on the change of ICC’s leadership. Commissioned by NDRC Party committee, LIANG Yan, director of Department of Personnel of NDRC chaired the meeting and made an important speech. Deputy Inspector LI Qingliang announced the decision of NDRC Party committee that HUANG Yong is appointed as director general of ICC-NDRC and is no longer the deputy director of the General Office of NDRC. In the meanwhile, CAO Wenlian is no longer the director general of ICC-NDRC. HUANG Yong, together with Deputy Director of ICC-NDRC SONG Gongmei and LIU Jianxing, all expressed their resolution and strong support for the adjustment decision. CAO Wenlian, absent due to the business trip, also expressed his support for the decision by other means.

LIANG Yan pointed out that NDRC Party committee, especially Chairman HE Lifeng, Vice Chairman ZHANG Yong and Vice Chairman WANG Xiaotao, have been paying great attention and attaching great importance to the development of leadership, team building and business operations in ICC-NDRC. The adjustment of leadership of ICC-NDRC is based on thorough consideration and careful study combining with relevant opinions in accordance with the work plan.

On behalf of NDRC Party committee, Director LIANG Yan expressed sincere gratitude and respect to all the contributions and efforts made by CAO Wenlian. CAO Wenlian has high political quality, rich experience and is hardworking. Since December 2010, he has served as the director general of ICC-NDRC for more than seven years, leading the center to grow from an institution of dozens of people into a large-scale team and to broaden the scope of business through firm reform. Especially in recent years, in accordance with the requirements of NDRC Party committee, ICC-NDRC has been actively involved in the major strategic tasks such as promoting Belt and Road Initiative and international capacity cooperation with relevant departments in NDRC. The center plays an important role in promoting international cooperation by organizing relevant conferences and carrying out academic research. According to the personal request of CAO Wenlian, NDRC Party committee has approved this personnel adjustment.

The appointment of HUANG Yong as the successive director general fully reflects the importance and concern given by NDRC Party committee to the leadership and team building of ICC-NDRC.  HUANG Yong is young, and full of vitality with a long-term commitment to the work in General Office of NDRC. He has a , strong and overall sense of responsibility with clear-headed, strong leadership and excellent coordination ability. Under the direct leadership of NDRC Party committee, Chairman HE Lifeng and Vice Chairman WANG Xiaotao, with the support and cooperation of leadership in ICC-NDRC, HUANG Yong will certainly be able to unite and lead all of us to work together and forge ahead so as to gain further achievements.

Director LIANG Yan put forward requirements in four aspects for the future work of ICC. The first, to strengthen political construction and further enhance “four consciousnesses”, “four self-confidence” and resolutely abide by “four obedience”. You should also deeply study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era in accordance with the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. The second, to strengthen business building and continuously improve the service for NDRC. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, there have been new important elaborations on opening and international cooperation, especially in the report of 19th CPC National Congress. Sailing into the new era, China’s opening and international cooperation demand the center to meet higher requirements. The third is to strengthen team building and strive to create a pool of highly qualified cadres. After the adjustment of the leadership in ICC-NDRC, you must further implement the spirit of the Central Conference on Talents Work following the requirements of NDRC Party committee on subordinate units, as well as important instructions from Chairman HE Lifeng and Vice Chairman ZHANG Yong and specific suggestions made by Vice Chairman WANG Xiaotao. In accordance with these requirements, ICC-NDRC should promote contact with the departments in NDRC focusing on expanding business sphere, key projects and personnel trainings. Besides, the center should further enhance comprehensive advantages by academic talents and take the initiative to improve social influence. The fourth is to strengthen discipline construction and earnestly safeguard the positive image of NDRC. Comprehensive and strict governance of the Party will always be on the road. Building an honest and clean government and fighting corruption should always be the first priority. ICC-NDRC must conscientiously implement the spirit of the “eight provisions” of the Central Government, strictly observe various political, organizational and government disciplines. In particular, the leadership should reinforce the responsibility of the main body and supervision. They should not only be honest and self-disciplined, but also manage their subordinates and standardize their work behaviors.

In his speech, HUANG Yong said that first we should take morality as our foundation and cultivate ourselves as our priority. It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, resolutely safeguard General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee and the core of the entire party, and resolutely safeguard the authority and centralized leadership of the Party Central Committee. Second, we should be people-oriented and create a harmony environment by resolutely safeguarding the unity of the leadership in ICC-NDRC and strive to safeguard the sound development of the center and further safeguard the overall interests of all cadres and staff. Third, hardworking and dedication are required. It is necessary to closely focus on the goal of building a vital institution serving NDRC on Belt and Road Initiative and international capacity cooperation and the first-class think tank with Chinese characteristics.

CAO Wenlian expressed his support and appreciation to the decision of NDRC Party committee. Upon the collective study and decision of the leadership of ICC-NDRC, CAO Wenlian ceased to serve as the administrative leader and will continue to serve as the chairman of the Development Board of ICC-NDRC and director of the academic committee until the expiration of his term of office.

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