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ICC Holds the 2018 Meeting of Affiliated Research Consultant Institutions

  On January 11 and 17, 2018, ICC held a two-day meeting of the research consultants (or affiliated institutions), including eight NGOs and ten key think-tank-type enterprises invested or sponsored by ICC. Aiming at the in-depth study and implementation of the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, the Central Economic Working Conference and the NDRC working conference, the leaders of ICC conducted a summary of work arrangements, focusing on key work in 2018 and energetic development, internal management and risk prevention and other important topics. The meeting was presided over by Cao Wenlian, director general of ICC. Liu Jianxing, deputy director, and Jiao Tianli, Yang Yuying and heads of related departments of ICC attended the meeting.
The meeting reviewed and concluded that the successful course and extensive practice of ICC in its transformation to a think tank over the past seven years and fully affirmed the necessity and importance of founding or participating in various affiliated research and advisory agencies, the importance of all relevant agencies in coordinating with NDRC and ICC as well as self-management and the bright prospects of various affiliated agencies and ICC in further strengthening the cooperation and collectivization in the future. At the same time, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the existing imbalances in the development and management of all relevant agencies, especially the risks in the internal system, foreign affairs activities and personnel management. The meeting emphasized that “we must resolutely implement the working principle of ‘seeking progress from stability’ and firmly establish the concept of coordinated development of ICC and the affiliated agencies”.
Cao Wenlian stressed the importance of adhering to the three principles including upholding the nature of think tanks to ensure the contribution of outstanding research and consulting achievements to the society every year, adhering to social responsibility and in close cooperation with the national strategy and the NDRC's key work and the last, upholding the integrity and resolutely putting an end to behaviors that are detrimental to the reputation of NDRC.
The meeting reviewed the relationship between ICC and related institutions, further clarified the responsibility and major measures for improving the internal management systems, and exchanged key work arrangements for related agencies in 2018. The meeting would play an important guiding role in the work in 2018 of ICC and affiliated agencies.

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