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Outlook on the International Economic Situation in the First Season of 2017: Analysis and Prospect

Author:Huang Yongfu      Time:2017-05-10

Dr.Huang Yongfu, Research Fellow of ICC-NDRC

[Abstract] Since the beginning of the year, there have been some good momentums in the world economy, including the marked growth of global trade, the rise in commodity prices and the recovery of major economies. The main economic indicators in the U.S. as the largest economy, as well as Europe and Japan have showed moderate recovery; China, India, Russia and Brazil and other emerging economies have recovered significantly, but part of emerging economies such as South Africa still face challenges. However, the global economic growth is still relatively weak, and the future trend is subject to a number of uncertainties, especially the uncertainty related to the Trump administration's policies and the European integration process. In addition, it is still difficult to effectively solve the structural and deep-seated problems that restrict the development of the global economy, such as the high debt of the government and the private sector.

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