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The Fourth Issue of ICC Research Is Published

ICC Research recently released its fourth issue (January, 2016). The fourth issue is rich in content. Special Issues are “The 13th China Reform Forum”, Climate Change, TPP and Research on International Production Capacity Cooperation. Highlights include speeches given by such renowned economists as Mr. Gao Shangquan, Mr. Yang Weimin and Mr. Chen Qingtai at the The 13th China Reform Forum as well as Interpreting the Paris Agreement Objectively, Developing National Strategy to Cope with Climate Change, What Can New Rules of TPP Reveal to the “Belt and Road” Initiative and Theoretic Interpreting and Strategic Thinking on China’s Foreign Direct Investment and etc.   

If you need to exchange academic resources, please contact Ms. Liu Zixuan, Tel: 010-63265378; email: ICCmonthly@163.com.

Translated by Zhao Wei

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