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International Conference on Macroeconomics & 30th Anniversary Commemoration of Yangtze Cruise Conference Is Forthcoming


The year 2015 sees the 30th anniversary of the Yangtze River Cruise Conference, a historic turning point in the Chinese economic development and reform. International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission (ICC-NDRC), in joint effort with China Society of Economic Reform (CSER) and World Bank, will host the International Conference on Macroeconomics & 30th Anniversary Commemoration of the Yangtze Cruise Conference from June 28 to July 1, 2015.

In October 1984, the Third Plenary Session of the Twelfth Central Committee approved the “Decisions of the CPC Central Committee on Economic System Reform.” These decisions reoriented China’s economic reform towards “planned commodity economy,” ushering in the historic transition from planned economy to market economy. From the second half of 1984 to the first half of 1985, Chinese economy was faced with difficulties including runaway bank credits, overheating investment and consumption, and double-digit inflation, which called for immediate reform of the macroeconomic management system.

Against such a historical background, on September 2, 1985, the Bashan Boat sailed out from Chaotianmen Dock in Chongqing, and the six-day “International Symposium on Macroeconomic Management” commenced. Upon the approval of the State Council, the conference was held in joint sponsorship with State Commission for Reconstructing Economic System, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and World Bank, and attended by more than 60 prominent economists and government officials at home and abroad. As an important meeting at a critical juncture of the Chinese economic reform, this conference reached a consensus on many aspects of China’s economic transition and macroeconomic reform, giving impetus to the reform of Chinese economic system. It also provided pivotal theoretical foundations for the mechanism of “market regulated by the State, enterprises guided by market” introduced in 1987 and the concept of “socialist market economy” introduced in 1992. This meeting marked China's macroeconomics going global.

At present, China is experiencing another momentous transition of deepening the reform across the board, while encountering a series of macroeconomic difficulties brought about by economic growth slowing down. This year is also crucial for the formulation of the 13th Five-Year Plan. To carry forward the spirit of the 1985 Yangtze River Cruise Conference, ICC will reconvene Chinese and international macroeconomic experts to diagnose problems in current Chinese macroeconomic management and reform and propose remedial measures. According to the current plan, the conference will consist of six sessions:

I. The 30th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1985 Yangtze River Cruise Conference

II. World Economy and Chinese economy: Certainties and Uncertainties; 

III. Fiscal and Monetary Policies Under the Economic “New Normal”; 

IV. Globalization, Regional Cooperation and Internationalization Strategy; 

V. The Prospect of global medium- and long-term development and China’s 13th Five-Year Plan; 

VI. Summary of Discussion & Closing Ceremony. 

Panelists of the conference will include major participants of the 1985 Yangtze River Cruise Conference, famous Chinese and international economists, high officials of China’s macroeconomic management departments, young and middle-aged experts on macroeconomics, and entrepreneurs. The first half day of the conference will be held in Chongqing, and the remaining two and a half days on a Yangtze River boat. People’s Net will provide a full coverage of the meeting. 

ICC is looking forward to your attention and participation! 

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