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ICC Released "Opening-up Index of China Different Regions"

Source:Strategic Research Division      Time:2012-03-31




In order to better know China's opening up momentum and implement the strategy of "opening wider to the outside world and achieving balanced development between regions", experts from ICC-NDRC released a set of indexes reflecting the opening-up level in different regions.


On March 31st, 2012, ICC held a news briefing in Boao Sofitel Hotel International Convention Center to release the "Research Report on China's Regional Opening-up Index". The report included scores and rankings of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions based on their opening up level. According to the index, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong top the ranking and are rated as gold provinces and municipalities of opening-up; Tianjin, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Liaoning come second, rated as silver provinces and municipalities of opening-up; Hainan and Shandong which saw good development in the recent years, are rated as future stars of opening-up.

Wei Jianguo, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CCIEE and former Vice Minister of Commerce, addressed the news briefing. He congratulated on the release of “China's Regional Opening-Up Index”, and pointed out that the scores and rankings reflected the unbalanced opening-up level of China's different regions, thus having important reference value for policy-making to achieve coordinated development.

Cao Wenlian, Director-General of ICC-NDRC, said that the reform and opening-up had been China's fundamental national policy since 1978, and had injected great impetus to China's economic development. Cao said the opening-up is more important than reform in four aspects. First, opening-up is the premise of reform in that it helps us to see more clearly the drawbacks of traditional planned economy and start to reform. Second, opening-up helps us to better understand the rule of law and market economy. Third, opening-up makes the market-oriented reform irreversible and promotes sustainable and healthy development. Fourth, opening-up is what reform aims at. Through reform, all forces of Chinese people are working for modernization to achieve a society with equality, stability, harmony and openness.  

Introduction to the Opening-up Index Program
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